Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Buy, buy, buy....

I needed a few bits in Bressuire, our nearest town of any reasonable size so, even though we did our weekly supermarket shop this morning, we ventured out again this afternoon and I have to say it was a most productive (if expensive) afternoon!

Our first stop was Jardiland, to buy some bird feeders and food.  We've only started feeding birds since we lived here because in the UK I always felt it was wrong to encourage birds to come into our garden when we have cats.  It's so different here mainly because we have a large garden now and the house is set in a large open space, thereby giving any threatened birds a quick and easy escape.  And I love seeing the birds gnawing away at their "boules de graisse" (sounds so much nicer than "fat balls" doesn't it!).  So now we've invested in some proper feeders that we can use and hopefully it will encourage even more birds.  And while we were there, we bought a dedicated feeder for feeding squirrels, which incidentally are red here, not grey like in the UK.  (We also bought  two large bags of seeds and nuts for the birds plus some packets of seed for me to start my herb garden).

From there, we went to a shop called Bio Coop, which sells all sorts of stuff, all of which is organic (the word for 'organic' in French is 'bio').  I wanted some rice and some seeds, but needless to say we came away with all sorts of goodies including some 'real' liquorice that Danny loves.

We popped into the centre of town as I wanted some make up and on to the supermarket for some bits I can't get in my local one.  And then finally, we went to Mr Bricolage, one of the many DIY stores over here.  Danny wanted some electrical bits for the barn and I just browsed around.  I was really pleased to find the perfect mirror for our bedroom - something we've been looking for and have been unlucky till now.

Exhausted but pleased with ourselves, we got home around 5.30pm.  So tomorrow's first job is putting up the bird and squirrel feeders.... hopefully, I'll have some good pictures to show you in my next post!

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  1. You have squirrels?? That's great as they are so entertaining, very smart and tenacious. We have none here so will look forward to seeing your pics of the feeding stations. In the US we had to buy a bird feeder to keep the squirrels OUT and they tried and tried to get in to it for a few months then stopped. We always knew when a new squirrel arrived and the antics would start again.
    Enjoy your new feathered and furry friends.