Wednesday, 20 March 2013

A week of good news...

Contrary to the last week or so, this week is looking brighter!  Yesterday I had good news from my friend who I mentioned a few posts ago which seems to have set the scene for good things to come.

This may not seem like a big thing but I think the problems with my shoulders must be easing.  As a reminder, prior to the current problem with my right shoulder, I had been diagnosed with having both of my shoulders frozen - this was while we were still in the UK.  I think the left shoulder may be "thawing" - and I wonder if I hadn't fallen and hurt the right shoulder whether it would be alright now too.  Still we'll never know!  And the brilliant thing for me - which I expect only the girls to understand - is that for the past couple of days, I have been able to do up my bra at the back!!  (Sorry to those men who read my blog; I know it's hardly world shattering news!)

Now this picture of our little kitten Cali, gives a clue as to the next good thing that has happened this week.....

What is she staring at so intently out of the window??

Yes... the cows are back!  They haven't been in the fields beyond the house all winter and I'd quite forgotten how wonderful it is to see them and what beautiful animals they are!  I know it's silly, but seeing them brought a very happy grin to my face. 

But going back to Cali.... it's the first time she's set eyes on them so she's a bit bemused!

On the subject of pets, here are some brilliant photos taken at dog training last Saturday.  I wrote about it in my last post but didn't have the pictures at the time.   In the first series Finn isn't doing too badly but by the last couple of pictures, he'd had enough!  And frankly, so had I!!

Apart from the kittens who spend a fair amount of time chasing around the house, most of the time our animals are horizontal!  Danny took this panoramic picture the other afternoon because every one of the animals was asleep on the lounge chairs.... you can just see Charlie, our ginger tom, in the bottom right hand corner!

And before any of you make any rude comments about my mauve and pink bootee slippers, they were a present from our grand-daughters Molly and Lilly for my birthday last year!!

This post is becoming more and more animal orientated as I go along but I can't resist showing you this collage of more sleepy pets....

The lap of luxury huh!

On a totally different subject, we were driving back from a shopping trip to the village of La Chataigneraie, and as we came into the small village of Chantemerle, there in the car park of the Bar/Restaurant called Le Chaudron, was a flipping great aeroplane!  We think it was being taken to a museum.  We were so nonplussed we didn't think to get a photo but luckily a friend of ours saw it in another village, ScillĂ©, on its journey and she got this picture....

Impressive eh?

And finally, I am going to leave you with this picture of the frog!  You may remember I included  a picture of him on an earlier blog, and I couldn't believe it when he was still on the same plant the next day.  As you know my photography skills aren't great but this is a really nice picture of him..... needless to say, he's gone now..we know not where!


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