Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Window dressing!

I've called this post 'Window dressing' as that seems to sum up a lot of what I've been doing for the last couple of weeks!  Well, that and soft furnishings generally!

I can't remember if I've mentioned it on here before but I like to have a list of winter projects in my mind at this time of year.  I find it makes the winter pass quicker!  Not that I'm trying to wish my life away (as my mum would have said) but in the past, I used to find the winter just dragged on aimlessly.  Perhaps it's partly because there is so much to do in other seasons?  Anyway, for this winter I had in mind to do a number of sewing projects; curtains and the like. And I've made a start on that already.

In my last post, I showed pictures of how Danny was progressing with my utility room.  Well, since then, he finished constructing the worktop and storage and put up a long shelf, primarily for some of my large collection of recipe books.  He then stained and varnished all the bare wood then hung the drying rack, which he had made several years ago and which used to hang in my kitchen in England.  The rack is pretty bare at the moment but I hope to be able to use it for drying home-grown herbs next year!  When he'd finished all of his work it was time for me to get out my sewing machine and put the finishing touches to the room.   So this is the finished utility room....

Mainly for decorative purposes, I've put a small table and chair in the bay.   As part of my sewing projects, I made the tablecloths in this picture!

Finally...some new window dressing!  We bought the same net curtain for the new utility room as for the kitchen door but have done them slightly differently.  This is the utility room window...

And this is the kitchen door.....

Now, on this subject of window dressing....some months ago, our daughter-in-law, Sarah (an extremely talented young lady!) made a roman blind for our bathroom window.  I need to explain for those of my readers who have not visited us that we have an absurdly large bathroom whose walls are painted bright yellow!  I say 'absurdly' because it has used up so much room, which (in our opinion) could have been put to better use.  Nonetheless, we decided that we wouldn't do anything to change it and we have just got used to it now.  We chose to have blue accessories to complement the yellow so there are blue towels, rugs etc. in there.  Now that we have got round to putting it up, we also have this beautiful yellow and blue blind too!  Thank you Sarah!

So that's about it for now!  In terms of jobs in the house itself now, we have only the lounge and hallway that need to be decorated.  And I leave you with news that we are starting work on the lounge next week - I am SO excited!

Until next time then, à bientôt!


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  1. Looks like you have done a great job. Well done. I love that roman blind. Keep up the good work Diane