Sunday, 27 January 2013

A busy Saturday!

It's not a hard and fast rule but generally we try to keep Saturdays and Sundays 'chore free'.  The reason is partly to differentiate the weekend from the week (those of you who are also retired or don't work will understand how every day becomes the same without the structure we were used to from  over 40 years of working!).

But today started early, simply because Danny had to drive to a village called LorignĂ© not, I hasten to add, to see the sights that you'll see if you click on the village name above.  No... because I bought a second hand chest freezer from a lady who lives there.  Danny had arranged to pick up his friend, who was going to help him, at 9am and when they got back here, complete with said freezer it was about 1.30pm.  Evidently, it was a round trip of about 200 kilometres...but Danny didn't seem to mind.  It's a long time since he did such a long drive in the truck and it was a bright sunny day here in Poitou-Charentes so it was a pleasant drive.  Incidentally, a quick word about how I came by the freezer.  There is an extremely useful website, used by most ex-pats here in one way or another.  It's called Anglo Info and one of its uses is a classifieds section.  I recently sold our old dresser via the website and I also placed a 'wanted' ad for a chest freezer.  (I gave away my large chest freezer before we came out here, believing that (a) we wouldn't be able to use UK electrical goods - wrong!! and (b) I thought an upright freezer would be more practical - wrong again!!).  Anyway, I am now the owner of a chest freezer again and I can't wait to start some serious cooking and baking until it's as full as my old one!

While Danny was out, I started on the jobs I wanted to do today.  Firstly, to make a prototype tie-back for our (temporary) lounge curtains and secondly, to make some curtains for our third bedroom - the room in which kiddies who visit sleep!   The tie-back turned out really well so I will now go ahead and make the others.  The story about the temporary lounge curtains (as briefly as I can!) is that our lounge currently has a 'peach colour theme', which we inherited from the previous owner and which we did toy with keeping for a while.  But gradually, we came round to thinking we'd like to have the warm pinks and reds we had in our previous lounge (albeit paler and with more florals).  But in the meantime, the windows looked so bare without any curtains so we set about finding some ready made ones to use 'for now'.  We were very lucky to find suitable ones that were in a sale and were very cheap.  They are about a foot or more too long but I figured I could shorten them and use the excess material to make tie-backs.   This is what the completed one looks like....
It occurs to me now I've posted this picture that it says something about our lifestyle.... on the window sill are two baskets, one filled with savoury snacks, the other with sweets!  (Well you need something to soak up the wine, don't you!)  Also, underneath the window sill is an unemptied cardboard box - still there after all these months!  It contains CDs and is waiting while we procrastinate about buying a piece of furniture that we like and is suitable for storing CDs but is disproportionately expensive!!

Sorry, I've got side-tracked!  Having made the tie-back successfully, I made a start on the curtains for the kiddie bedroom.  All the curtain pieces are cut and pinned but by the time I'd achieved that, I was shattered and ready to relax!  I shall finish them during the week and will let you have a picture of the finished article. 

Obviously, with Danny out all morning and me wanting to concentrate on my sewing, I needed to keep the dogs occupied.  Last week we discovered that our local supermarket sells packs of bones for dogs and we treated Finn and Liam to a pack.   I gave them each a bone then let them go outside into the front garden to eat them in the sunshine.  Whenever they have treats like that, they take them to different places so the one can't steal them from the other. This is a video clip I took from the bedroom window....

They were out there with their bones for about an hour and a half!

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