Monday, 29 April 2013

Garden update!

As one hole opens....another one closes! 

This is the current state of play as far as the 'pool hole' is concerned!  I think it's going to continue later this week but we have a Bank Holiday this Wednesday so that might slow things down a bit!  We have now ordered the pool "kit" - and a number of extras like a heat pump, summer and winter covers etc.  We also have to have an alarm - this is required by French law.

Although nothing is happening with the pool itself right now, our "digger man" has not been idle!  Today he removed a hedge which we have always felt to be superfluous in the garden.  It's the one you can see in the pictures above.

Early this morning, work on digging out the hedge started...

....and it continued for pretty much most of the day.  Finally, by early evening, it had all been lifted out.  The downside is going to be getting rid of it.  We're going to just have to load up the truck over and over and take it all to the déchetterie (tip).  But take a look at what it's like now and the massive pile of cuttings we've got to get rid of!

For us, it's worth it.  The garden has been 'opened up' now and from the house we can see for miles (or should I say, kilometres!).

While all this was going on, Danny was doing a lot of tidying up of the front garden which is all neatly mowed and edge-strimmed again!  It's been another hot day here so he was rather weary by the end of the day.  Here he is, walking back after emptying the last of the grass cuttings on our compost heap at the bottom of the garden!!

A bientôt!

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  1. Enjoy the view!!! It looks wonderful and I am sure the pool will make you feel that you are on a constant vacation!