Sunday, 7 July 2013

A brief update

Well it's HOT, HOT, HOT here, which is very welcome after the long dreary winter we had and the incessant rain of the spring and early summer.

Of course, it's just typical that I'm finding it way too hot to sit outside which is why I'm sitting here at my computer on this beautiful afternoon.  Don't worry, we haven't been this idle all day!  Danny has washed the tractor mower and his "ordinary" mower while I've been dead-heading and doing other general chores! 

For me, I think the best thing about this wonderful weather is how we can sit out in the garden until really late and the sun goes down.  Because we're an hour ahead of the UK, it stays light here until 11pm and at the moment, it's lovely and warm still at that time (well, I need to pop a cardi round my shoulders but a normal person probably wouldn't have to!!)

So, an update as to where we are with the pool and the doorways...well, there is good news and bad news!  The good news is that our digger man was true to his word and came Wednesday to re-dig the pool.  This is how it now looks -

You can just see where it's cut out for the steps at the far end of the "pool"
The bad news is that nothing else has happened.  Without going into a lot of boring detail, Danny and I sat outside on Friday evening and decided that we would find someone else to do the job.   For me, the most stressful part of this has been the constant waiting and hoping followed by the inevitable disappointment.  I have tried all the time to put it in perspective.  After all, this is just a swimming pool that most people couldn't even begin to dream of having.  But one thing I've learnt in life is that it's healthier to follow the path of least aggravation and parting ways with the builder seemed to be it in this case.  Once the decision was made, Danny felt better too! 
So, the current position is that we think we have someone else to do the job for us.  Out of the blue, someone has offered to do it for us. We'll still need to find someone to knock out the stonework for the doors but I'm thinking that I'll worry about one thing at a time!
So I have to ask you to keep watching this space..... or hole!!
On a brighter note, we have two of Danny's sons and their families coming out in the next few weeks so we decided to get out the paddling pool from last year to see if it's okay.   We did this last evening and with Danny's compressor that he bought a few months ago, it was blown up in no time.  Unfortunately our kittens couldn't wait to inspect it...

Each of the dogs had a drink out of it too but we didn't get any pictures of that!
On the subject of these kittens, Mo and Cali seem to make it their business to sleep anywhere.  Here are a couple of pictures to show what I mean....

Well, that's about it for now.  Maybe there'll be some better pool news in my next post!
Until then...à bientôt

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