Monday, 29 July 2013

Visitors - In pictures! (Part 1)

I've been quiet, blog wise, for a few weeks, mainly due to the fact that we've had two lots of visitors this month.  First, Danny's son Paul and his family then, just this last week, Danny's son Joe and his family.

Rather than drone on about what we did, I thought I'd just let you see a load of pictures of their visits!  

This is "Part 1" - Paul's visit, with Anna, Molly and Lilly......

Just couldn't resist getting in the hole!

Now to climb out!

                                                 Who's he looking at/for???

 Molly, Lilly and Finn.... in the camper!

At the Vue du Chateau restaurant 

Fun in the paddling pool!
Note: This paddling pool was later ruined by kitten Cali.... well, we think it was her!  Put it this way, there was a leak somewhere in it which we could only attribute to a cat's claw and she was always on the edge of the paddling pool, using it as a water bowl!



The girls relaxing!
                                                        Liam has a cuddle!

Visitors - In pictures! (Part 2) - Joe's visit with Sarah, Diane, Paris, Lennon and Caleb will follow very soon........

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