Friday, 4 September 2015

A brief - explanatory - update!

When I last posted, back on 17 August, I genuinely believed another week - okay, maybe two at the outside - would see the lounge finished and this blog full of photos to prove it!  How wrong can you be?  To be fair, I didn't realise quite how much there was still for Danny to do, not just in terms of the wall painting, which was a big enough job in itself, but there was a door that needed going over plus lots of bits and pieces of "tidying up".  Anyway, the long and short of it is that the room is now painted!

I finally got the last pair of curtains finished and was pleased to have done so!  Although I am left with a good sense of achievement and I have learnt a lot about curtain making that I didn't know before, it was a job I could have done without!  You can imagine how excited I was when Danny announced that we were now ready for the curtains to be hung!  I'm sure you can imagine equally how deflated I was when the first pair that Danny hung didn't pull properly across the pole.  And as I investigated, I realised I had made a schoolgirl error!  Now, I did think I'd measured the diameter of the poles way back at the outset of this project but obviously I hadn't because our poles measure 34mm in diameter and the eyelet rings I'd used are for poles of up to 28mm!  Oops!  Thankfully it's not the end of the world and I have managed to order some new and thinner poles which are due to be delivered next week.  So I'm afraid I'm going to make you wait another week to see the finished lounge!

In the meantime though, to whet your appetite, here's a couple of photos.  The first is Danny embarking on the hole cutting of the first curtain...note that I can't be trusted with this job as the likelihood is that I'd cut off the tips of my fingers in the process!

We have had a couple of large wooden cat ornaments for many years and they find themselves in various places.  Now we have them positioned on a couple of stair rungs but they were recently joined by our very real kittens..... least those don't need dusting!

Well, that's it for this brief update.  I sincerely hope that next time I update the blog I'll be able to reveal our new refurbished lounge - I just hope it's not a big let down by then!!!

I'm going to leave you with this photo which Danny calls "Listen with Mother".  He was getting the dogs' dinners ready in their bowls and I was in my "umpire" position, ready to ensure that they all stick to their own food (feeding time is generally pandemonium!).  The dogs were gathered around me and Danny thought it looked like they were getting ready to listen to a story!

On that note, I shall love and leave you and I hope to be back soon!

À bientôt!

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