Tuesday, 15 September 2015

At long last.....!!

Have you all been waiting with baited breath?  No, I don't suppose you have!  But given that we started refurbishing the lounge back in February, it has been a long wait!  In a way, you need to go back even further as the first thing we did was to have a fireplace installed and change the wood burner.  We did that in June 2013!  Then the next step was to open up the staircase which we did in December 2014!

So let me remind you of what was......

The photo above shows the old wood burner which stood in front of the wall, behind which must have been the original fireplace that had obviously been removed some years before.

And the next photo shows the blocked in staircase and panelled wall (taken minutes before Les began dismantling it!)

And just to remind you of the rest of the lounge as it was, here is this panoramic photo taken in February 2013.  (Don't forget you can click on the photos to enlarge them)

And here is a panoramic photo taken this afternoon!

Needless to say, Danny and I are very pleased with our handiwork and it was well worth the wait.  In particular, I am so pleased with how the curtains look, so much so that I followed them up with a sewing spree of making four scatter cushion covers and a table runner, which can be seen more closely in the photos below...

And just a couple of other close-ups; the "decal" on the wall with John Lennon's wonderful sentiments from the song Imagine and the new wall lights on the walls adjacent to the fireplace.

There are still things to do but we will do them in good time.  For example, we want to find proper throws for the sofas that will stop them from being covered in dog hair that I have to vacuum up pretty much on a daily basis!  And we want curtains to cover the doors leading to the study and to the hallway.  (My curtain-making days are not over yet!) And not forgetting, there are loads of photos and pictures that still need to be put up on the walls!

I am going to leave you with one final picture.  It is of a corner of the lounge taken in the evening, with the lights subdued and the curtains drawn.  We love the cosiness of it!

So there you have it!  After all these months, we finally have a lounge that is "ours".

Until next time, à bientôt!


  1. It all looks good but what I am interested in is how are you doing? I hope that you are going to be enjoying this home for a long time to come. Take care Diane

    1. Hi...I hope so too! I'm not too bad but the side effects of the drug I have to take are not very pleasant.

      I'm not sure if people want to read about how I'm feeling or if they want updates on my progress so I've tended not to mention it. On the one hand, I didn't want this blog to turn into a blog about me having cancer but on the other hand, I guess it the blog is about my retirement and the cancer is now part and parcel of it! I'd be interested to know if people would like me to mention how I'm feeling etc.

  2. Lounge looks great, love the sentiment on the wall. It's good to know how you feeling along with everything else you're getting up too x