Saturday, 24 November 2012

A French Camper Van!

I have written before (in our Newsletters) about the bureaucracy here in France.  Of course, when you make a move like we did, there are bound to be things that you don't like.  Thank goodness there are very few but one of them is the "red tape".  You might imagine that having a vehicle registered in one member state of the EU would be enough to give it automatic registration in another - after all, people are free to move between member states!  Anyway, let's not bleat on about it.  After a pretty long-winded process, we have successfully registered our VW Camper Van here!  We have ordered his new number plates and hope to get them on Tuesday.  In the meantime, here he is with his UK plates, along with Danny's son Joe, who enjoyed driving the camper while he was here in the summer.....

Our next challenge, vehicle-wise, is to get Danny's Dodge Dakota truck registered.  The problem with that one is that it was imported into the EU from America.  That it was successfully registered in the UK (part of the EU last time we looked!!) doesn't count and we have had many problems.  We are having a last shot at it, probably this coming week, but if we're not successful, then we're going to have to take it back to the UK and sell it.  Flipping nuisance as it's incredibly handy for all sorts of jobs!!

Still, all that aside, tomorrow we are going to our first Marché de Noël (Christmas Market) in a little village called Fenioux, about 20 kilometres south of us.  I'll tell you all about it afterwards.

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