Monday, 26 November 2012

Learning to blog!

Just a quick post to say that I've resolved a couple of things......

I gather some of you have been trying to add comments and were unable to do so.  I think I've changed the settings now so that anyone can now add comments.  Please let me know if you're still having problems.

I also believe I've managed to set the time to GMT+1 which is our time here in France.  I had been confused as to why the blog was showing that I'd posted on here about 12 hours before I actually had done so!  What a twit I am..... the default setting is Pacific time (something to do with the fact that Blogger is owned by Google I suspect!)

Anyway, while I'm here, I would just like to thank all the people who have given me such good feedback about this blog.  It's fun to do and I'm glad you like it.

And as this is supposed to be about our life here, would you like to see how our garden is looking right now in Autumn?  Of course you would......

This photo was taken yesterday after high winds blew all the leaves not just off the trees but also off the lawn!  Saved Danny going round on his tractor mower collecting them all up!!

Incidentally, Finn and Liam are happy to play in the garden regardless of the season!

And this is a picture of a beautiful white rose that grows up the barn wall..... still flowering in November!

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