Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Our new Victoria Plum tree!

My mum loved Victoria plums; no other plum would do!  And many years ago I bought her a Victoria plum tree for her garden.  It was no more than a few twigs when I bought it but it flourished and gave her (not to mention friends, family and neighbours!) loads and loads of fruit over the years.  After she died and Tony (my brother) and I were selling the house, I really really wanted to dig up the tree and plant it in my own garden but I listened to my head for once and didn't.  So when we moved here, I decided that I would buy a Victoria plum tree for my own garden in mum's memory. 

There is an English run pépinière or nursery which advertises in our local English magazine ( and I contacted the owner soon after we got here to see if he sells Victoria plum trees. He does!  It was literally months ago when I asked him and he told me it wouldn't be available until November. I've been so looking forward to getting it so you can imagine how excited I was when he emailed me last week to say he would deliver the tree on Tuesday.

And today, Danny planted it for me!

And then dog-proofed it (well, hopefully!)


  1. I wish you and your new tree all the best!

    How long does it take to bear fruit??? I found this recipe for you! When you have enough plums to make it.....I'll be happy come over for tea!

    1. Hi Steph


      I believe we should start getting fruit next year (PG) but we've just had some frost and I wonder if that might have a bearing on what happens next year. We shall see.

      The recipe looks gorgeous and I shall definitely try it! And if it's nice, I'll pop one in the freezer ready for when you come to tea!!